Building Automation and Control Integration
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Building Automation and Control Integration

Imagine being able to have complete control over all of your facilities' HVAC systems from where ever your job may take you – Anywhere in the world. In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. makes it possible by providing our clients with a wide array of digital internet based building control system options - giving our clients complete control.

Advantages of an In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. Digital Control System
  • 24/7 real-time access to your building’s HVAC equipment that includes temperature and pressure readings, equipment operation parameters, and control set points.
  • The ability to schedule your any piece of equipment to optimize energy usage and change schedules according to changing needs and demands or clients and tenants.
  • Design and implement energy saving strategies that can be programmed into the control system to minimize peak energy usage thus saving clients money on ever increasing utility costs.
  • Notification of critical alarms to alert authorized personnel that your equipment is in need of immediate attention to prevent downtime, freezing, high and low temperature conditions, power outages and brown outs, equipment and part failure, among other issues.
  • Ability to meter tenant equipment usage.
  • Ability to integrate existing control systems into one seamless open network system.
  • In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. utilizes non-proprietary based LON controls that do not “marry” or lock clients into one controls provider/manufacturer for service, component replacement, and maintenance of your system.
  • Gives multiple location clients such as banks and retailers the ability to monitor all of your locations under one seamless access point which is presented as a web page on the internet.
  • The ability to look at a graphical representation of your equipment, floor plans, and locations making it easy to monitor systems, identify problem areas quickly, and make adjustments.
  • Gives our clients the flexibility to add on systems such as lighting, security systems, and other critical facility applications into one seamless all encompassing system.
  • Our systems are all based on an open architecture platform that easily allows buildings and equipment controls, controllers, and sensors to be added at a minimal cost as clients business needs expand.

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Control System Integration

In the past, many companies were given limited options when it came time to making the decision to automate their facilities. There were only a handful of large control companies out there to choose from and their systems were based on proprietary technology that basically locked the client into one vendor. The client basically had to “marry” – for better or for worse – the vendor whose system they chose to install in their facility.

This relationship lead to very expensive non-competitive control system contracts that left clients with no other option but to use these companies -or else completely pull out all of the control system components and go with another vendor.

In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. has the technology available to integrate older proprietary systems, as well as new open based controls systems into one seamless solution. Thus giving the client the ultimate flexibility and options with one open system - giving the client the freedom to competitively choose a control vendor based on the service they provide instead of the system they install.


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