In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. HVAC Maintenance Plans

In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. provides comprehensive HVAC equipment maintenance and service plans that are custom tailored to meet and exceed manufacturer’s requirement, while also taking into account the client’s requirements and the environment that the equipment operates in.

We keenly focus our attention on designing maintenance plans that optimize your equipment’s efficiency, keeping your equipment running within it’s designed specifications, keeping your employees healthy, and minimizing costly downtime and repairs.

How In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc.’s Maintenance Plans Work

  • In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. provides a complete and comprehensive initial survey of your equipment.
  • An In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. Planned Maintenance Agreement is then designed and estimated.
  • A proposal for our maintenance plan is presented to the client.
  • The client is furnished with In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc.’s recommendations and proposals to make any required repairs and/or upgrades to your current equipment in order to bring it up to it’s designed specifications.
  • In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. maintenance proposals lock in our fees and schedule initially for a two year term, then it will automatically renew thereafter – making plan administration worry-free and budgetable.
  • At this point the client understands that by making the critical decision to take advantage of an In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. maintenance plan, they can rest assured knowing that their costly HVAC equipment will be expertly taken care of without having to worry about the liability in using inexperienced in-house people, making up schedules, ordering the right materials, etc.
  • In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. sets up a schedule in our computerized maintenance scheduling system in exact accordance with the maintenance plan that you have received. All of your equipment’s critical information is also entered into our system and can be referenced easily, including equipment maintenance and repair histories.
  • All of the maintenance materials that are required to properly maintain your equipment are automatically ordered and furnished with each maintenance inspection.
  • Our maintenance plan work is invoiced after each inspection - only after the client has complete verification that the maintenance inspection work has been performed.
  • In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. provides ID tags for each piece of your equipment, along with a technician sign in sheet that is filled out each time a technician performs service on that equipment.
  • The client has the option to opt out of an In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. maintenance plan at any time with 30 day written notification if not completely satisfied with the work being performed.
In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. Planned Maintenance Program Request:

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Types of Maintenance Plans
  • Comprehensive including service parts and labor on equipment signed on that has an installation date under 5 years old.
  • Clean Air Plans – Maintenance plans that are scheduled a minimum of a bi-monthly basis with an emphasis on air quality. These plans include high efficiency pleated air filters, sanitizing indoor air coils, and cleaning exterior ceiling vents and grilles. Our techs are also trained to inspect for mold and make proper recommendations for air duct cleaning. The Clean Aire Program is the most popular plan we offer as our clients like the fact that is presents a proactive image to their employees and clientele that focuses on their health and well being. A secondary benefit is that our clients know they will have a trained technician at their location every other month - this offers our clients the ability to defer minor issues that would have otherwise required a service visit.
  • Basic Quarterly – These maintenance plans provide year round basic maintenance on your equipment and address all maintenance requirements of your equipment.
  • Seasonal Startup Plans – These type of plans are generally offered to clients with in house personnel that normally perform routine maintenance, but required trained service technicians to perform seasonal startups to their equipment. These plans generally include water tower cleanings and filling/drain downs, Chiller Tube Punching, Heating and Chilled Water Valve Changeovers, and Control Calibration.
  • Digital Control System Plans – These plans can be incorporated into a master maintenance plan, such as the Clean Aire Plan or provided as a separate plan. In-Line Air Conditioning Company, Inc. shall perform seasonal and regular required maintenance and calibrations to our clients existing digital control systems which can also include 24 hour monitoring services to alert clients to system alarms as well as make control adjustments on client request.


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